Face-Lit Fabricated Channel Sign Letters & Logos
Face-Lit Fabricated Channel Sign Letters & Logos

Face-Lit Fabricated Channel Sign Letters & Logos

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  • Finished letters, numbers, logo, or chosen sign products.
  • Mounting hardware for wall mounting. 
  • Installation template for wall mounting.
  • All led lighting components and wiring installed in the products
  • Additional wiring, hardware, and accessories as needed.





Like Channel Letters, Fabricated Metal Sign Letters are made by bending metal to form the edges and applying a back or face. However, Fabricated Metal Sign Letters have more robust materials and are made with higher quality manufacturing methods. These letter are often left with their natural metal finish, anodized, polished, or painted. 


  • Virtually unlimited design options
  • 20+ premium metal finishes
  • Unlimited color matching
  • Sizes from 2" to 120" high
  • Multiple lighting options
  • Typical 10 days production time
  • Shipping and installation options Nationwide
  • Lifetime manufacturers warranty on all non-illuminated parts

Lighted Face LED Letters feature colorful opaque edges and a white glowing face.

LED Lights

The face of the lit letter glows with intense cool white light (6500K) enhanced by painted edges in a solid color of your choice. An even glow on the face is achieved by embedding LEDs in the back of a solid acrylic letter. Each lighted sign letter is cut custom from 30mm (1 inch) thick acrylic and professionally wired and lighted with LEDs.

Get a unique glow by requesting different LED colors like warm white (3000K), red, blue, or green. Or, go completely custom with RGB lights available for an additional cost.

UL Listing, Electrical and Wire Information

UL labels will be placed on the bottom of the letters by default. Please let us know if you would like them placed somewhere else. These are required for inspection.

Lead wires will be placed in the center back of the letter by default. Please let us know if you would like the lead in placed elsewhere. Standard leads are 3 wire, 10 foot long cables. Class 2 power supplies calculated for your sign requirements. Included is electrical information with a wiring diagram and instructions.

Each illuminated sign letter is made with removable backs for serviceable LEDs and wiring. The backs feature weep holes for moisture, and mounting holes for stud mounting.


After you have made your purchase on our website, you will have one more opportunity to cancel your order at no cost. We will provide up to 3 design mockups before making the product. If you are not happy after those mockups are complete, then you have two choices: 1. Pay for more design work 2. Cancel the order and get a full refund minus a one-time $10 design and handling fee.  

All of our Illuminated LED Metal products are warrantied by the manufacturer for up to, but limited to, 3 years for electrical parts and more for materials. Please see the Manufacturer's portion of this website to view all the guarantees and warranties alongside all the terms and conditions. 


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