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Signconnect saves time and money for our clients by providing all their signage needs from a single source. We design your signs, have them built by the nation's best signage manufacturers, and have them installed anywhere in the Nation. Simple.

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Wall Signs

A Wall or Fascia Sign attaches to the exterior wall or fascia of the building and are typically made of extruded metals to create a box sign.

Fabricated Dimensional Letters and Logos Outside of Stores

Suspended Signs

Hanging or Suspended Signs are exactly what they sound like - signs that hang. These are a great option when limited space is available.

Blade Signs

A Blade Sign or Projecting Sign is mounted on the building at a perpendicular angle and are excellent for attracting on-coming traffic.


Freestanding Illuminated Monument Signs

Monument Signs

Monument Signs are large freestanding signs located at an entrance of a property and often lower in height than many signs.

Pylon & Pole Signs

Pole Signs are very large freestanding signs with a visible support structure and a Pylon Sign, has the structure enclosed. 

Post & Panel Signs

Post Signs are freestanding signs that have one or more visible posts and are often made of either cabinets or panels.


Outdoor Wayfinding Signage

Exterior Wayfinding Signs are signs that direct people throughout the exterior of a building.

Interior Wayfinding Signage

Interior Wayfinding Signs are signs that direct people throughout the interior of a building. 

Digital Wayfinding Signage

Digital Wayfinding Signs are essentially LED Displays used to direct people throughout a space.


LED Digital Signs

Signconnect blends traditional illuminated signage with LED Displays to deliver the ultimate in visibility, versatility, durability and efficiency into a single sign.

LED Video Walls

Utilize Videos and images to tell a story, explain a detail about your product, describe a new promotion, or simply beautify a space and make it more engaging.

LED Billboards

From start to finish, Signconnect can help to build, retrofit, and manage large scale billboard digital signage in partnership with the World's Leading Display Manufacturers.


High Rise Sign Installation or Sign Logo

Face Lit Letters & Logos

Face Lit Sign Letters & Logos are the pinnacle of illuminated signage and is an amazing way of showcasing your brand to viewers day and night.

Halo-lit Illuminated Red Brick Pizza Sign Logo

Halo-Lit Letters & Logos

Halo-Lit Sign Letters & Logos are a great option for a superior face finish while drawing attention to your business and brand day and night.

Rooftop Sign Logo Chamblee

NeonLED Letters & Logos

NeonLED Sign Logos are an exciting new way of achieving the classic neon look with the efficiency and safety of LED. We provide only Architectural-Grade NeonLED.


Fabricated Metals

Fabricated Metal Sign Letters are the Architectural-Grade version of the traditional channel letters.

Cast Metals

Cast Metal Letters are among the most durable and long-trusted letter type for permanent signs, address numbers and letters.

Cut Metals

Flat Cut Metal Letters and Logos convey an image of quality and precision and are the most popular choice for intricate design and maximum durability.


Cut Acrylic

Cut Acrylic Sign Letters are customizable for almost any application and can be laser cut down to the smallest sizes with incredible detail.

Formed Plastics

Formed "Plastic" Letters are among the most affordable type of letter when a standard font is used and is the only letter type that provides a curved, rounded, or prismatic face.

Molded Plastics

Injection Molded Letters are the most affordable dimensional letter and a tried-and-true letter. This standardized letter type comes in six of the most commonly used fonts.

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