Freestanding Signs

Freestanding Signs

Freestanding Signs are exterior signs that are attached to the ground in one way or another. The come in an infinite variety of sizes and shapes and can be highly regulated by local municipalities. Exterior Freestanding signs require an expert level of engineering, construction, and electrical knowledge. They need to be extremely durable and are used for identifying, directing, branding, advertising, and informational purposes. The common freestanding exterior sign types include Monument Signs, Pylon, Pole Signs, and Post and Panel Signs.

Freestanding Sign Types

Freestanding Illuminated Monument Signs

Monument Signs

Monument Signs are large freestanding signs located at an entrance of a property and often lower in height than many signs. The lower height is common because of local ordinances or, in the case of business developments, by the landlord. 

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Pylon Signs

Pole Signs are very large freestanding signs with a visible support structure; if the pole is particularly tall, it may also be called a "high-rise pole."  These are contrasted with a Pylon Sign, in which the support structure is enclosed. 

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Post & Panel Signs

Post Signs are freestanding signs that have one or more visible posts and are often made of either cabinets or panels. This sign type is an one of the most cost-effective and common sign types for non-illuminated signs or signs lit from an external source.

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