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Exterior Building Signs

Wall Signs

A Wall or Fascia Sign attaches to the exterior wall or fascia of a building and often has an illuminated face.

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Blade Signs

A Blade or Projecting Sign is mounted on a building, but the sign extends at a perpendicular angle and is often double-sided. 

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Hanging Signs

Hanging or Suspended Signs are exactly what they sound like - signs that hang from the ceiling of a building, awnings, etc.

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Freestanding Exterior Signs

Monument Signs

Monument Signs are large freestanding signs located at an entrance of a property and often lower in height than many signs.

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Pylon & Pole Signs

Pole Signs are very large freestanding signs with a visible support structure. A Pylon Sign's support structure is enclosed.

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Post Signs

Post Signs are freestanding signs that have one or more visible posts and are often made of either cabinets or panels.

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