Formed Plastic Sign Letters

Formed Plastic Sign Letters

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Formed "Plastic" Letters are among the most affordable type of letter when a standard font is used and is the only letter type that provides a curved, rounded, or prismatic face. This letter type is an excellent choice for larger-scale signs that require a lot of dimension at a great value.

How They're Made: Formed Plastic letters are made from CAB(Cellulose Acetate Butyrate), a tough UV stable, non-petroleum, completely recyclable plastic that is heated at high temperature until it melts over a mold of the shape. The result is an extremely durable, earth-friendly "Plastic" dimensional sign letter.


  • Low Cost, High Impact
  • Typical 2 days production for standard fonts
  • Typical 6 days production for custom signs
  • 26 standard pigmented colors and unlimited color matching 
  • Nationwide shipping and installation
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty

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